APRIL: Ethical Tech – How to Design Tech to Help Us Become Better Humans

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Silja Litvin will be speaking on the Ethical Tech Panel of the Pop-Up Focus Inside discussing how we can design tech to help us be better humans.

Focus Inside is a unique pop-up event that explores our relationships with our devices and how they are changing us. The project is supported by Westminster Council and Create Church Street Fund and is part of Focus Inside mindful tech festival 

Tech “hacking” our brains has become a hot topic. Last year, two former Facebook executives publicly accused the social network in manipulating and destroying our society.

Designers are responsible for how millions of people will behave on a daily basis. Could we design technology in a more sustainable, mindful way to make us better people, and not steal human time and attention? Join the panel of experts to talk about ethics of tech, as part of Focus Inside.


 April 19th 2018, Church Street London




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