PsycApps is a Digital Mental Health company that is using gamification, AI and chatbots to ‘hack’ the brains reward system.

PsycApps is trying to find a way how to get people suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses intrinsically motivated to stick to therapeutic digital programs. Many mental health issues include symptoms such as lack of motivation and cognitive impairment. Using gamification and studying behavioural engagement patterns to keep people motivated will be the Big Change that can better and save lives.

In a fast-paced, ever changing digital world, what could be more attractive than a game that helps you fight your mental illness!?

PsycApps has partnered up with a US based game development company called Collision Studios. Collision Studios has developed a vast suite of successful apps and games such as 300, The Walking Dead and Barbie. With their help, PsycApps aims to create a game that will intrigue and captivate a large audience. We think that everybody is interested in the psychology of relationship and mental health, thus making it an easy on-boarding process for users.

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